Monday, February 13, 2012

Lovey(Don't Leave Me)

We used to love, please don't make me cry
To me, there is only you
I see even when I close my eyes- 
I heard even when I block my ears
Please don't leave me

The person who become the light in my life
A person deeply treasure
As day went by, I miss you more
Even as I'm singing this song now

Seems like you'll return, but I cannot be sure
I'm still waiting for you today
You don't understand, how much I hurt
even as I'm singing this song now

As I love, I slowly getting weaker
To me, there is only you
we used to love, please don't make me cry 
Don't leave me

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Bad woman, Bad man

i guess you're not my person
i guess you 're not lovers 
"let,s break up now, let's say goodbye"
if you say those word, what do i do
like a person who doesnt' know me
as if nothing never happened
if you forget everything
what do i do? i loved only you

you're a bad woman
from a man's heart, from a man's eyes
you make tears come out

i loved only you, and i had only you
but in the end, you're leaving me
you're a bad woman 

because of you, i was happy
because of you, i loved
i believed that i was the only one you would love forever

i'm a bad man
the memories with you, our love
i'm erasing them all now
my only love
the love that i long for
i loved only you, there was only you
but now you're are leaving me
you are a bad woman...


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